Connecting natively to the popular LonWorks networking platform without affecting your budget and timetable can be a challenge. LonWorks is a network standard present in the commercial building market, so if you are looking to create value in this sector, easy and affordable access to LonWorks and its LonTalk protocol is essential.

However, building connectivity via LON network is not always straightforward. LonTalk is an open communication protocol but the installation of a network now requires the use of proprietary configuration software to link equipment variables together, and its integration needs to be done by a qualified service technician, increasing costs.

Due to its importance, connectivity to this protocol represents a critical pain point for facility managers and PropTech startups. Working to solve the LonTalk connectivity issue, Wattsense integrated the protocol into its connector device, the Box.

Our Box officially talks LON!

The Box is a full integration of hardware, embedded software, and cloud service that universalizes BMS field communication protocols such as LonTalk, Modbus, and BACnet into one embedded API. Connecting your building equipment to LonTalk is no longer an obstacle for the development and deployment of your projects.

But to speak about LonTalk, or anything related to the Local Operating Network (LON), we first need to mention LonWorks. The network that serves as a powerful communication technology implemented in building automation. LonWorks is the wide-ranging term used to describe the entire technology developed by Echelon starting from 1988.

LonTalk, on the other hand, is a serial peer-to-peer communication protocol, introduced in 1999, and used to automate control functions in HVAC, BMS, transportation, lighting systems, among others. This protocol is an open international control networking standard in the ISO/IEC 1490 family.

The Wattsense LonTalk integration offers:

  • Rock solid solution

We used the Echelon IzoT LON stack to facilitate the implementation of the protocol in the fastest way possible and to offer users a highly functional and robust service. The embedded software team also received training with the product development company, SafeSquare, to provide a safe integration.      

  • FT-10 channel

The FT-10 channel supported by Wattsense to communicate with the network is a free topology communication system.  A free topology architecture enables the user to wire the control devices with virtually no topology restrictions.

FT-10 channels are one of the best solutions for users looking to reduce installation and maintenance costs while simplifying system modification. The installer is free to choose the method of wiring and termination location that best works with the installation, reducing the need for advanced planning and making it possible to have last minute changes at the site.

  • Seamless integration

Connect to your LonTalk equipment using the Wattsense Box without commissioning or updating commissioning software tools like LonMaker. Our Box doesn’t need to be bound to the operating network in order to collect properties.  

  • LonTalk Discovery feature

This feature helps enumerate the LonTalk nodes that are in the network. It provides a first look, through our user console, at the properties that LonTalk assets are controlling.

To enter a more advanced discovery process, the Wattsense software team developed offline tools to translate the documentation of our clients from NLC files to JSON configuration files. The customer just has to provide the NLC file of his LON network, using one of the standard LON commissioning tools installed in his BMS.

Future steps

Configuration Wizard

Soon through our management console, you will be capable to connect a whole network in a few clicks: the ultimate Plug and Play experience.

Try our LonTalk integration. Request a Demo and learn how you can deploy your applications in building management systems.