Very excited to introduce Érico Netto as our new member and Project Manager at Wattsense. We are now sixteen employees and counting!

As an Electronics Engineer graduated from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil, Érico has a vast knowledge of telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, high and low-level programming languages, electronics and microcontrollers. All of this combined with his 13 years of experience in the tech industry, impressive right?

Érico worked for IoT solution builder, Konker, as an IoT hardware specialist. As well, as in the area of automation and testing for Inmetrics, a hard tech company dedicated to the optimization of business technology platforms. He additionally worked as a technical account manager for consumer electronics leader, LG Electronics.  

Role in Wattsense

This is where his IoT and electronics expertise pays off. Érico is responsible for the planning, procurement, and execution of our projects. He supports clients with installations, revising schematics to assure that the connection of our Box to buildings is made in a seamless way. He is a link between customers and the embedded and electronics team. Besides, he helps create and update the documentation of our solution, ensuring that our customer's pain points are solved and quality and schedule goals are met.

Secret weapon:

His love of drones can come in handy in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Joking aside, Érico’s end-to-end knowledge in the development of IoT solutions from hardware to mobile interfaces is a valuable asset. But most important, he has a real passion for using technology in innovative ways to improve people's lives, a perfect fit with Wattsense and our mission as a startup.

We are looking for another Project Manager to join Érico. If you are interested, apply through our Welcome to the Jungle profile.