DataPrint is a French distributor specialized in IoT / M2M, LPWA (LoRa and SIGFOX), and IT/networks solutions.

"DataPrint has focused for five years on providing products and consulting for the development and deployment of industrial IoT applications. This makes us an ideal partner to distribute the innovative technology developed by Wattsense. The solution facilitates integrating a BMS and enables the rapid connection of technical equipment to buildings management apps," says Loïc Kervenec, General Manager, DataPrint.

Wattsense offers a solution that facilitates integrating a BMS and connects technical equipment with buildings management applications quickly.

The Wattsense solution is quick to deploy, flexible, and scalable. It consists of the following products:

The Box: Create a BMS with the Box, a remotely managed IoT device that collects data and controls equipment through the Cloud.

The Hub: is an intuitive IoT gateway and a powerful PLC designed for building automation.

Many communication protocols (standard and private) are integrated into the solution and allow innovative BMS applications in a simple, fast, and secure way.

"Building management equipment and systems have gradually become an accumulation of incompatible components, creating a barrier between buildings and the IoT sector. That's where we come in, fixing this anarchy. The IoT is a tool that provides new solutions to facilitate the operation, maintenance, and energy efficiency of buildings.
DataPrint's strong position on the French market as a distributor and IoT specialist enables Wattsense to extend its presence and achieve its goal of democratizing BMS and transforming infrastructures into Smart Buildings." Explains, Louis Vermorel CEO, Wattsense.