We are proud to announce that Wattsense and DeltaM2M have signed a distribution deal in which DeltaM2M will be distributing the Wattsense solution in most of the Nordic region’s building management market.

DeltaM2M is a distributor and specialist in Industrial IoT and M2M solutions. Industrial IoT and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication is data exchange between a central server and machines, production facilities, or sensors that are typically placed at different locations.

Wattsense is dedicated to optimizing Building Management Systems (BMS). Its leading solution combines simplicity and interoperability by automating and simplifying BMS and IoT integration. The Wattsense solution makes new building technologies accessible to more facilities and professionals.

BMS monitor equipment such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, energy supply systems, etc. Their correct use saves 30% of the energy bill, but due to their cost and complexity, they are hardly present in more than 15% of buildings, and only the largest and most upscale ones. Wattsense allows small and medium-sized buildings to have a BMS by removing technical complexity for an affordable price.

Legacy IT in buildings, integration costs, and a shortage of automation engineers constrain the potential positive impact of new technologies in the building automation industry.

Removing the technical barriers that block buildings data helps companies deliver higher technical staff efficiency, increase building occupancy comfort, and significantly reduce buildings’ energy and pollution footprint.

The Wattsense solution

Fast to deploy, flexible, and scalable. It consists of the following products:

The Box: Create a light BMS with the Box, a remotely managed IoT device that collects data and controls equipment through the Cloud.

The Hub: is an intuitive IoT gateway and a powerful PLC designed for building automation.

Torben Deleuran - DeltaM2M

The managing director from DeltaM2M, Torben Deleuran, is very satisfied with this new agreement. “The solution from Wattsense provides new cost-saving opportunities for a number of our customers, and we are looking forward to working closely with Wattsense in the coming years,”.

Louis Vermorel - Wattsense

DeltaM2M has established a strong market position with a high level of experience within IoT and M2M solutions, making it a perfect match to distribute the innovative technology developed by Wattsense”, says Louis Vermorel, CEO of Wattsense.