IoT technology company specializing in Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, & Smart Grid solutions, Forest Rock, has signed a distribution agreement with Wattsense to bring BMS technology to smaller buildings.

Wattsense is an IoT solution that allows you to control and monitor small and medium-sized buildings. Users can improve energy performance and reduce carbon emissions with its edge devices and intuitive user console.

IoT solution


Fast to deploy, flexible, and scalable. It consists of the following applications:

  • The Box:  A remotely managed IoT device that collects data and controls equipment through the Cloud.
  • The Hub is an intuitive on-premises IoT gateway and a powerful PLC designed to control and monitor buildings.
"We're delighted to represent Wattsense in the UK and Ireland. Their IoT hub is a great product and is really making a difference for our customers in IoT, and energy management. There is nothing else on the market that combines LoRaWAN with so many other open protocols. LoRaWAN wireless technology is a potential game-changer for the BMS market, but every other LoRaWAN gateway we've looked at has major flaws or ties you into a third-party network. Wattsense has nailed it with their IoT Gateway Hub. It's so convenient to install, it has a beautifully simple user interface, and includes 4G, serial, and Ethernet connectivity all from one device,". Says Michael Kirkland, CEO & founder of Forest Rock.

Forest Rock provides a range of devices and systems to help organizations understand and control their facilities, making their spaces more sustainable, comfortable, and efficient.

Forest Rock's position in the UK and Ireland as a distributor and specialist enables Wattsense to extend its presence and achieve its goal of democratizing BMS for smaller buildings." Explains Louis Vermorel CEO, Wattsense.

Are you interested in distributing the Wattsense solution? Visit our distributors' page