A distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia of products and services in building automation, Loduos has signed a distribution agreement with Wattsense to facilitate BMS connectivity. Loduos focuses on providing the best and most innovative products and services for Building Automation and IoT customers.

The Czech Republic's building market presents great potential for energy savings that can be largely achieved through implementing the EPBD guidelines. As part of the European Union, the Czech Republic is obligated via the BACS decree to increase the energy performance of buildings by installing automation control systems in tertiary buildings.

Wattsense is a connectivity IoT solution that allows users to easily upgrade or install a BACS. Even small and medium-sized buildings can be cost-effectively transformed into Smart Buildings by saving weeks of deployment time on every project and reducing operating costs.

Wattsense creates value using the building's data, improves equipment performance, and reduces field trips and energy consumption. Property owners can find and deploy the perfect smart building tool to implement building management strategies successfully.

Michal Lom, Ph.D. Managing Director of Loduos

"Wattsense delivers an innovative, easy-to-install solution that significantly simplifies the IoT and BMS connectivity of the world. Their recent acquisition by Siemens only confirms that their solution is unique."

Buildings and cities are places where people spend a large part of their work and private lives. For that reason, Loduos wants to help make them comfortable, friendly, as energy-efficient, and long-term sustainable as possible.

Louis Vermorel, CEO of Wattsense

"In order for property owners to comply with the EPBD guidelines and BACS decree, building connectivity needs to be simplified. A solution like Wattsense distributed by an industry leader such as Loduos facilitates the adoption of new IoT technologies to improve the energy performance of buildings in Czechia and Slovakia."

Want to distribute an IoT solution that brings BMS technologies to small and medium-sized buildings? Partner with Wattsense.