At Wattsense, we are always working to create a better user experience. We believe in the importance of building connectivity, the integration of smart buildings applications into the real estate and asset management industry, and its positive effect on the reduction of energy waste.

To provide the best possible service to our users, we are welcoming two new team members in the areas of front- end development and technical customer support. Learn more about their roles in the company and how they are helping Wattsense reach the next level.

David Fyon - Designer and Front-End Developer

David worked for the content marketing company, Apollo, as a graphic designer and developer. As well as in Wizaplace, an e-commerce solution where he helped develop and design their marketplace, in addition to several communication agencies.

Role at Wattsense

David is responsible for the design and front-end development of our website and also the creation of print and digital communication supports. Working alongside fellow developer Murilo Boareto Delefrate, he reinforces, creates, and oversees the overall user experience. David plays a vital part in coding and developing the platform's web interface while maintaining the coherence and visual identity of the brand through a style guide.  

Wattsense users, manage, monitor, and configure their applications and our equipment through our website and specifically our user console. That is why creating a user-friendly layout with optimal functionality is critical to the success of our product.

You can see some of his recent work by visiting our redesigned About page. We hope you like it!

Secret Weapon

He is so zen and quiet; he probably is an undercover ninja. Joking aside, his abilities as a front-end developer and graphic designer are an impressive combination. He masters programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, Vue, among others. Also, his skill set includes knowledge about typography, graphic design, photo-editing plus UX, and UI design.

Ludovic Ventre - Technical Support Engineer

Previously a Principal GNSS Product Application Engineer for semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom in Spain, he conducted the debugging effort of multiple issue resolutions. Early in his career he also worked as a Software Engineer in Embedded Systems for French company Alten designing low-level drivers for a 32-bit micro controller.

He is currently finishing his master to become a Business Unit Manager from EM Lyon Business school.

Role at Wattsense

As a Technical Support Engineer for Wattsense, he is the link between the clients and our embedded and electronics team. He supports customers with installations, revising schematics to assure a seamless connection of our Box to buildings. Also, he helps create and update the documentation of our solution. He is ensuring that quality and schedule goals are met and most importantly, our customer's pain points are solved.

Ludovic manages technical service-related operations such as resolving network issues, configuring operating systems, plus remote desktop connections to provide immediate support. In general, he oversees that projects are completed according to customer specifications.

Secret weapon

He's an avid mountain runner and cyclist though currently, the only place he is running to is the crib of his newborn baby.

Talking seriously, his 12 years of working experience in project management and customer relationships are a valuable asset. Ludovic's ability to work with a cross-cultural engineering team is an excellent fit for the multicultural environment of our company and customer base.

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