We are pleased to welcome our new embedded software engineer, Jordan Castano.

Jordan has a background in computer and electronics from the research and engineering school ESIREM, in Dijon, France. He previously worked as a design engineer for ElSYS Design; an engineering company specialized in the design of electronic and embedded systems. He was actively involved in the development and integration of a Trusted User Interface (TUI) on a Qualcomm platform, as well as programming, investigating, and optimizing code (GDB, ADA) for several projects. Not bad at all!

Role at Wattsense

Let’s get down to business. As a key part of the embedded team, Jordan will be working with the software running in the Box, developing new features, that will be added and revising those already implemented to increase quality control.

Another important part is his involvement with the development of the Board Support Package (BSP), “What is that?”, You may ask, the BSP is the essential core or layer of software containing hardware-specific drivers and other routines that allow a particular Operating System (OS) to function in a specific hardware environment. He will be customizing our OS to best fit the requirements from the backend as well as the interfaces of our user's applications.  

Secret Weapon

With a name like Jordan is no surprise that he plays basketball, but Jordan’s biggest skills are not shown on the court,  more like in front of the screen. His domain of programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Shell, and Labview, his knowledge of ARM microprocessors, fieldbuses and other embedded systems as well as SQL databases are what make him an essential addition to the Wattsense embedded engineer group.

Want to be part of our team? Write to us at contact@wattsense.com or simply visit us on Linkedin or Welcome to the Jungle to find out about our career opportunities.