Find out how they are helping Wattsense reduce global energy waste by changing the building management sector.

At Wattsense we genuinely believe that  the most significant technology at hand today for the environment is the  upgrade of the code controlling Building Management Systems (BMS).  These buildings consume 9% of the world’s energy, however, the software  that controls the equipment for indoor environments (air conditioning,  ventilation, lighting) is based on obsolete and inefficient  technologies.

Our vision  is to make possible that software developers lower the global energy  consumption by providing them with the easiest, fastest and most  affordable way to connect to buildings, via our cloud Application Programming Interface (API) and BMS Box.

I joined  Wattsense last June as the Communications Manager, responsible for  informing and promoting the organization’s mission, its people,  products, and services as well as helping establish our identity.  

During my  seven years of professional experience, I have worked as a journalist, a  communications specialist for PR agency S/Cavoli, as well as developed  strategies for French startups Boostyourfilm and Upfluence. I have a  bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the PUCMM University in  the Dominican Republic.

In preparation for the private beta launch we are now doing, the team also welcomed two major players, Murilo  Boareto Delefrate as a web developer and Hervé Patriarche in the  position of Senior Software Engineer. We now have ten members on our  team.

Get to know Hervé and Murilo, their roles in Wattsense and their secret weapons.

Hervé Patriarche 

Hervé Patriarche – Senior Software Embedded Engineer

Graduated  from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France he is an experienced embedded software  engineer and Linux project Expert Manager. Throughout his professional  career, he has worked for WindRiver, where he was the technical manager  on projects that involved embedded system applications, IoT and Linux  BSP. He also worked for Atos, RTONE-IoT Makers in addition to other  companies in the technology field.

Role in Wattsense:  He joined as a Senior Software Embedded Engineer, specifically working  on the embedded software of the BMS box, while also implementing BSP,  protocols, and other vital features.

Secret weapon: His 20 years of work experience are nothing to sneeze at, the man has seen things!

Murilo Boareto Delefrate

Murilo Boareto Delefrate – Web developer

With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from  Uberlândia’s Federal University in Brazil and a degree from Digital  Marketing, Murilo has worked for AmBev, one of the largest company in Brazil,  looking for technology-based solutions to solve all kind of problems.  Among his many independent projects, we can highlight the Nossos  Doutores website where he developed both front and back ends. Not bad at  all.

Role in Wattsense: He is our in-house web developer in charge of creating and managing the  commercial website as well as our user dashboard. Both critical tasks  that allow users to control their subscriptions, devices, make purchases  and last, but not least, interact with our cloud API.

Secret weapon: As a full-stack developer he can work both front and back-end sides, which comes in very handy.

Want to  be part of our team or know more about what we do? Write at: or give us a call at +33 4 28 29 83 49.