Version 2019-04.200-release is out

The new version completely changes the way you configure Wattsense boxes and customize the data when querying. It comes with a brand new support of Lorawan device configuration and MQTT connector to integrate your cloud platform with Wattsense. Furthermore, now, you can also tag our API resources and rename data points (properties).

Configuration Management API

The configuration management API provides a set of features to ease the way you configure the Wattsense boxes and track the revisions (history) of your configurations. This means you can easily create a new configuration from the current one, or any previously deployed one, to complement this, our console provides a user-friendly interface to guide you through this process.  

Lorawan Support

With the new Lorawan support, our device can act as a gateway to collect data emanating from the Lorawan devices. To support the remote configuration, our configuration management API comes with the built-in support for a Lorawan device.

Hence, using your Lorawan device information, you can simply create a new Lorawan equipment in our config API and deploy it to the Wattsense box. As soon as our API and the Wattsense box accept the configuration, you will instantly receive data from your Lorawan device. Our console comes with this functionality, and even non-technical people can configure the Lorawan devices.

MQTT Connector

MQTT connector provides the integration with your preferred cloud platform, e.g., Amazon IoT, Azure IoT, etc. It provides a two-way communication over the single link, where you can receive data values, events and alarm coming from the Wattsense box as well as set property values on the Wattsense box. It provides various authentication methods for integration and has a built-in TLS support. Read more here.  

If you need more information about our API or the Wattsense service don't hesitate to write us at